Answers to Commonly-Asked Questions

Do you sell online?
We are not set up with online sales. However, we love phone calls and personal visits. Call us at 903-454-3311 for more information. Click here to get directions.

How do I find out what’s going on in your store?
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Do you have a Gift Registry?
Yes and, best of all, it’s for any occasion! We’ll help you get started and encourage you to keep it updated with new arrivals. Husbands, friends and family appreciate the opportunity to buy exactly what you want on gift-giving occasions. (And our Christmas Gift Registry service is legendary! Ask about it.)

Do you offer alterations?
Yes. We pin simple alterations in the store and send them out to a tailor to be sewn. Extensive alterations must be done at the tailor’s site to ensure proper fit. It is our policy to pay for all alterations up to 10% of the regular price of the garment. The customer is responsible for the balance.

Do you offer gift wrap?
Beautiful gift wrap is complimentary with most purchases.

Santa CatShop with us regularly and you could earn rewards with the Calico Cat Christmas Club!

The Calico Cat Christmas Club was created to thank our most loyal customer for their wonderful support of our business. Thank you!

The general idea: Club members receive $1.00 in Christmas Credit for every $10.00 spent on qualified purchases at the Calico Cat from February 1st through October 31st. The credit may be used for your Christmas shopping or for a special treat for yourself…after all, you did all of the work!!!

1.  All purchases will be credited to your Christmas Club total except the following:
• Brighton
• SALE items
• Items to which ANY other discount has been applied
• Sales Tax

2. YOU are responsible for keeping all qualifying cash and credit card receipts and bringing them into the store between November 1st and December 24th for us to calculate and issue Christmas Credit.

3. Lay-a-ways are credited when the final payment is made and only if the balance is paid within 90 days.

4. Store charges may be applied to your Christmas Club total only if all charges are paid in full within the 90 day terms. If these terms are not met, NONE of your store charges will be applied to your total.

5. Christmas Credit equaling $1.00 for every $10.00 spent between February 1st and October 31st will be awarded in early November and must be spent before December 24 of that same year. (No carry-over in the form of store credit or gift certificates is permitted.)

6. Only those accounts with qualified purchases totaling more than $500 for the year will be eligible for Christmas Club Credit.